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The Millennials Change Conferences and Expo are hosted by RIZZARR. We bring together Millennials from around the globe to foster honest and empowering discussions on issues impacting our generation. The events feature Millennials using their passions to solve issues in hopes of inspiring their peers. The Millennial Change events support the next generation of leaders and connect them to a powerful community!


-Upcoming Conferences

RIZZARR will host a regional conference in April of 2017 and an inaugural national expo in October of 2017.
RIZZARR will host quarterly conferences starting January 2018. Topics will include, but are not limited to the
following: education, social issues, career development, politics, finance, travel, and more.

-Keynote Speeches by RIZZARR, Millennial Influencers, Executives, and Motivational Speakers

RIZZARR partners with leaders and changemakers who offer insight on topics affecting our generation.

-Millennial Leadership Panel Sessions and Roundtables

Topic discussions include: How to Become an Influencer in Today’s Digital World; Gaining Clarity on Mental Health & Wellness Among Millennials; An Authentic Talk on How to Become Who You Were Created To Be; How to Create a Non-Profit or For-Profit; and more.

-Company Leadership Panel Sessions and Roundtable Discussions

Invited companies and sponsors will showcase as well as discuss their initiatives and social impact.

-Networking Mixer Wrap-Up

Each conference ends with a networking mixer to encourage attendees to connect. This offers representatives from your brand a chance to gain invaluable information and feedback from Millennials.


-Live Q&As and Surveys for Millennial Consumer Insight

– RIZZARR will survey its Millennial audiences at each event to obtain beneficial consumer insight.

-Sponsored Multimedia via RIZZARR & Social Campaigns on Topics Discussed

– Companies can sponsor content or categories to support Millennials in sharing their thoughts.

Support RIZZARR in positively impacting Millennials worldwide by
taking part in its Millennials Change events!